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Running and Beyond

HOW TO RUN AND WALK WITH LITTLE OR NO IMPACT There’s no lack of advice how to improve running and walking but these suggestions very often contradict each other. This wide spectrum of recommendations underscores the problem that most expert interpretations are not based on the scientific principles of functional …

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Swimming and Beyond

THE SCIENCE OF HUMAN MOVEMENT AND SWIMMING Traditional training targets body regions such as “knees”, “hips” or “legs” to develop a swimming stroke. For instance, you might think when you bend your knee you use quadriceps muscles. However, any movement in the human body is produced by a group of …

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Dancing and Beyond

CONSCIOUS DANCING INSTRUCTION  Conventional instruction is focused on learning dancing figures and steps by a high volume of unconscious repetition which forces the body to move inefficiently. If the dance movements are not unnatural and functionally incorrect, the result can be lack of improvement, muscle pain, discomfort, and loss of …

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