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Many people mistakenly believe that exercising regularly is sufficient to stay healthy and fit. The prevailing notion is that a fitness regimen comprising of “weights”, “cardio” and stretching addresses all of the body’s needs and any physical activity is better than none. These are common misconceptions can lead to your body becoming dysfunctional in the long-term.

A typical fitness program does not provide a rate of progression resulting in little or no fitness improvements. Unfortunately, it is widely accepted that if one exercises regularly it will be sufficient to stay fit and lack of training results has no consequences.

However, by using a workout “routine” you might assume that you keep your body conditioned while you drive your body consistently into plateau. As a result, when a plateau is reached the physical and mental condition will level off and the body will start deteriorating. This means that the body has to be constantly and properly stimulated. What makes this problem challenging is that existing approaches such as cross-training and changing a daily workout all the time or periodically have not proven to be effective.

Most training programs focus on the developing strength and build a great looking muscle. However, lumbo-pelvic-hip joint complex (LPHC) which is designed to originate all the body movements and carries out the overall neuromuscular control of the entire body is not included in the current exercise protocols. By training muscles instead of functional movements not only your exercise regimen will fail to produce results, you will be setting yourself  up for long-term health problems. To watch the video how functional movement training transformed Paula Andrews’ body and life click here.

About lenny

Lenny Levin, the founder of Wellness and Beyond, raised a question why the current concepts of the injury treatment and exercise protocols are failing to produce successful results. This quest led him into the area of functional movement and he discovered that the basic principles of the science of human movement and functional anatomy had been neglected. Lenny set out on the mission 12 years ago to define and develop scientifically sound injury assessment and exercise protocols for keeping the human body fit and healthy. He created functional movement training programs for injury treatment, fitness, sports and physical activities. Lenny has been practicing his findings for the last 8 years and they are producing successful outcomes.

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