Dancing and Beyond


Conventional instruction is focused on learning dancing figures and steps by a high volume of unconscious repetition which forces the body to move inefficiently. If the dance movements are not unnatural and functionally incorrect, the result can be lack of improvement, muscle pain, discomfort, and loss of motivation.

Unconscious dancing instruction is focused on muscular actions of targeted body segments and parts such as hips, knees and shoulders. However, skeletal joint alignment is required and the joints must move dynamically or the muscles cannot function properly.

Those who attempt to learn dancing by unconscious training the muscles of the body segments and parts only will eventually reach the performance ceiling and an increase of practicing volume will not bring improvements and it can contribute to injury. The unconscious training has also a detrimental emotional component. Individuals often become frustrated with the lack of progress and give up on trying to dance, which only leads to further frustration.

In addition, they have to live with a quiet desperation syndrome and cover up their feelings for years to come. This creates an atmosphere of disconnection with reality and contributes to further frustration, and discomfort.

If you wish to succeed you need to learn the dancing functional movements prior to practicing dance steps and figures. Principles of human movement and functional anatomy are widely misunderstood how is the body built to move. If you develop knowledge how is the human body designed to function you can learn and dance consciously.

The functional movement training is equally appropriate for any sport or physical activity requiring human movement. The philosophy of developing or restoring functional movement is highly effective and dance movements can be incorporated into an individualized fitness training programs to stay fit and healthy.


About lenny

Lenny Levin, the founder of Wellness and Beyond, raised a question why the current concepts of the injury treatment and exercise protocols are failing to produce successful results. This quest led him into the area of functional movement and he discovered that the basic principles of the science of human movement and functional anatomy had been neglected. Lenny set out on the mission 12 years ago to define and develop scientifically sound injury assessment and exercise protocols for keeping the human body fit and healthy. He created functional movement training programs for injury treatment, fitness, sports and physical activities. Lenny has been practicing his findings for the last 8 years and they are producing successful outcomes.

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