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Special Populations with Physical and Functional Limitations

Common beliefs maintain that functional decline with age to be normal and it is irreversible. It is a prevailing notion in the medical and fitness industries that the ability to move for aging adults will be progressively deteriorating and it is not possible to restore functional body movement.

However, human anatomy and kinesiology literature outlines clearly the concepts of efficient human movement how the human body is designed to move to stay healthy. If you take an effort to follow these principles it is possible to slow down a gradual physical and mental deterioration with age and the overall health can be improved.

Typically, existing exercise programs for seniors follow the footsteps of the mainstream fitness by using weight machines, targeting isolated muscles and producing no results. Most importantly, they don’t include exercises to perform everyday activities outside the gym how to properly sit, stand, bend, carry and walk.

The experience from working with existing and former clients has demonstrated that a progress can be made with senior populations to regain and sustain a functional quality of life, and to perform independently the daily tasks. The programs offered by Wellness and Beyond focus on using the body weight for resistance and make the body work as one integrated system, and help clients fully embrace the concept that their own bodies are the “machines”.

About lenny

Lenny Levin, the founder of Wellness and Beyond, raised a question why the current concepts of the injury treatment and exercise protocols are failing to produce successful results. This quest led him into the area of functional movement and he discovered that the basic principles of the science of human movement and functional anatomy had been neglected. Lenny set out on the mission 12 years ago to define and develop scientifically sound injury assessment and exercise protocols for keeping the human body fit and healthy. He created functional movement training programs for injury treatment, fitness, sports and physical activities. Lenny has been practicing his findings for the last 8 years and they are producing successful outcomes.

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